Hello, I'm Pudding and this is my blog! I like drawing, engineering, TF2, Awesomenauts, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
I run a Team Fortress 2 related Steam Group dedicated to players who do not have the social skills to be able to find others to play with, giving them a friendly turf to play with other kindred spirits on. You can find the link below!
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That’s it

If the comic doesn’t update tomorrow I’m going to perform a satanic ritual to summon sniper

Just you try and stop me

Can I join you in this? Ill bring the vegemite sacrifice.

You're not a mess to me. You're a smart person who genuinely wants to help others like her and keeps on trying. You've improved so much, and I know you've got a ton of skill to be discovered yet. You're one of the best artists I know at coloring and shading, and it's a joy to see you post new art.

Thanks a bunch, I think I need some encouragement right now. I just wish it was easier to let myself believe these things. It’s hard because I don’t see myself going anywhere, and it almost feels like I’m missing some huge fundamental piece to it that everybody has but me, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to find it when I don’t even know what I’m looking for… thank you.

Why do I even try
I’m not any good
I won’t be any good
I’m never satisfied with my own work
I can’t create anything good
Just maybe decent
None of what I make has any style or personality
It’s the epitome of mediocre. That’s all it is and all it ever will be. Ill never be able to go beyond it.
I’m a fucking mess